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12 Days of CHRISTmas by Reliant K

CHRISTmas!!! Not the biggest, but tries to keep the focus.

2006 – KHQA_News Clip Click File to see some of the lights! (Video will open in Media player or right-click and “save file as” to save to hard drive. The rest of the KHQA Story

Some good Christmas decoration and lighting sites are <a href=”http://www.Lightorama.com/” target=”_blank”>Light-o-Rama</a> <a href=”http://www.PlanetChristmas.com/” target=”_blank”>Planet Christmas</a> <a href=”http://www.Bronners.com/” target=”_blank”>Bronners.com</a>

You win, A CHRISTmas only <a href=”http://www.moocows.com/christmas/”>FAQ</a>

Gardening – Inside &amp;amp; Outside

Seen on the Gardner Museum 12th Beautiful Gardens in Quincy Tour, June 3rd 2006

Garden Railroad Yup, A lot like gardening but focuses on can you believe it – Our still unnamed railroad. Maybe Ranchland Central or M &amp;amp; K Railroad? .

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions (Mostly from the Garden Tour)

Geocaching A walk in the park with a purpose – Forget that exercise stuff – We’re MooCows!  <a href=”http://www.moocows.com/geocaching” target=”_blank”>MooCows Geocaching Stats</a> <a href=”http://www.Geocaching.com/” target=”_blank”>Geocaching Website</a>

Golf, Bicycling, Tennis, Yoga, DDR Just a little something for the free time.

Choirs Lutheran, Catholic: All thanks and praise to God.

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Computers Gee, have a website.